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About Anudip

With more than 90 centers across India, Anudip invests in deserving young people from small towns and villages. Our highly professional and compassionate programs infuse each student with high-demand digital, English language and life skills. By way of strategic relationships with large and small employers in the high-tech sector, Anudip has maintained an industry-leading 70%+ placement success throughout its 16 years of service. Through confidence and courage developed from the Anudip experience, our alumni continue to rise above their difficulties and participate in Indiaโ€™s digital workforce.

Anudip Foundation USA was established in 2009 as a California-registered 501(c)3 public charity. Your donation will be tax-exempt per IRS regulations.

Access to digital-age employment
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Our Programs

Anudipโ€™s livelihood programs are created to match our beneficiariesโ€™ aspirations and capabilities.



Below poverty line

Political refugees

Victims of trafficking

People with disabilities

Marginalized communities

Reformed insurgents

Voices of Empowerment

Anudip programs transform challenges into success stories. Supported by Anudip, our alumni create new opportunities, showcase hidden strengths, determination and abilities. These narratives reveal the positive impact of providing the right opportunities for personalย growth.

โ€œWhat is happening here is a small and quiet revolution of the human spirit and collective agencyโ€ฆ.people, local governance groups, partners, and inspired leadership with adaptive models of social change combined with imaginative organizations and business models to serve the poorest of the poor.โ€

--Professor James Koch, Center for Science, Technology and Society, Santa Clara University

Your donation will have meaningful impact

Donate to Anudip and help us teach much-needed digital and life skills to deserving individualsโ€”underprivileged women and youth, and the visually and physically impaired.

Through your generosity, our alumni will secure livelihoods and achieve independence in Indiaโ€™s fast evolving economy.

Other Donations

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Use of your donation

Train and place one student for $150
Purchase one training computer for $400
Counsel and train one survivor of human trafficking for $700
Specialized equipment for students with disabilities for $1000

You can make a difference

Fill out this form, or email us at usdonations@anudip.orgย and our team will contact you to match you with ways you can get involved.